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To buy a big e-reader is still prohibitively expensive. New cheaper 10 inch models still go for more than 400 Euro and 13 inch for 700 Euro and more. No wonder that when I was considering a substantial investment into a big e-reader for my academic work two years ago, it was a big decision. I was mainly considering two brands: Onyx Boox and reMarkable. At the first sight, they seem to be in competition. At least, I understood them as competitors at that time.

On one side, there was Onyx Boox Note Pro. A fancy black device, running Android…

Between January 2021 and April 2021, I haven’t written anything on Medium about Roam or any other topic. The work was the main reason, writing blocks are real the secondary one. When I returned back to the Roam community, I was really surprised by all changes that happened meantime.

There are so many new options! I feel reasonably comfortable with CSS about which I wrote a long series here. However, what everything has been added meanwhile? To name a few:

  • Roam code obtained new various data- attributes that allow for new and wonderful custom CSS.
  • The powerful universal metaplugin by…

Roam Research is constantly being developed and many new exciting features are being added with every new version. Many of these features are really useful, yet they are also sometimes unpolished, a little bit weird and their behaviour is sometimes not exactly what would be expected. In this article we will look at three such cases.

((hidden text))

On the first sight, this is a great feature! Simply type something into (( )) and click to open it or close it:

Based on: and

Roam Research is famous for many things! To name just a few:

  • It was arguably the first outliner or note taking app that brought bidirectional links into mainstream
  • It provides amazing unity of elements: page titles are the same as hashtags, and blocks within pages are almost the same thing as pages themselves (except the missing title)
  • It is a great little programming environement
  • And one can use amazing querying possibilities in their graphs! However, querying in Roam might be a little bit confusing.

In this article, I would like to address queries in Roam — well at least some…

Checkboxes in Roam may seem simple at the first sight. You can create them in three basic ways: through / command, pressing ctrl + enter or writing manually {{[[TODO]]}}.

For some, the checkboxes are the best friends.

If you toggle them by clicking with your mouse or pressing ctrl + enter, you may notice an interesting change in the code. {{[[TODO]]}} becomes {{[[DONE]]}} . Curly brackets are used in Roam to define a special command (you can try to write, e.g., {{table}}), while square brackets mean that TODO and DONE are also pages! If you write them into your search bar, you can see very easily all tasks…

Will you be good or naughty?

Based on the Christmas tree of Nanin7. (CC BY-SA 3.0)

That magical time of the year has arrived again, even though in a little bit different form that we expected. While we are social distancing, unable to enjoy Christmas markets and sometimes even our families, we should still try to make us the Christmas atmosphere at home —and which other home does our mind have than Roam? And while we will be doing that, we will also learn a little bit of CSS.

As always, remember, that all CSS in Roam belongs to [[roam/css]]. Create there a nice code block, make sure that its language is set to CSS (right…

And I like it!

A funny image representing the mess of my graph.
A funny image representing the mess of my graph.
Truthful representation of my graph in Roam, image by Wonderline

Roam is inviting. Roam is captivating. Once you give it a finger (other than the middle one), it will take your whole hand and lead you to into a fascinating rabbit hole. From basic simple steps of outlining, through understanding the key concept of unity between [[pages]] and #tags, to block referencing and embedding. Don’t be mistaken: That is just the beginning.

You will not be alone on this journey. There are many other pilgrims travelling with you that are willing to help and initiate you into the mysteries of #roamcult . There are also masters, on top of mountains…

* Almost ** Requires a little bit of CSS

Give your Roam a little bit of colors

If we compare Roam to its competitors like RemNote (or, god forbid, Notion), there is one thing that stands out: Roam distinctively lacks direct formatting. You can use bold text, cursive, s̶t̶r̶i̶k̶e̶t̶h̶r̶o̶u̶g̶h̶ and some other limited options but they first have to be rendered by the system. What do I mean by that? Look at these two short GIFs:

Pure CSS Way

Sometimes it may be difficult to find your way in a wall of bullets, based on an image by DarkmoonArt_de from Pixabay

One of the more confusing things in outliners is often to find where we are within the outline — in other words, the scope. There are different solutions for this, e.g., RemNote — one of the most interesting competitors of Roam — uses sticky headers.

This article is completely unnecessary — but still funny!

Logo of Roam in the quotation marks
Logo of Roam in the quotation marks
Blockquote — where are you?

Update: It took just a couple of hours after publishing this article and Cortex Futura to get native blockquotes in Roam!

Simply write> at the beginning of your block, write anything you want and here it is!

Cato Minor

Just a humble Roaman duck.

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