Will you be good or naughty?

Based on the Christmas tree of Nanin7. (CC BY-SA 3.0)

That magical time of the year has arrived again, even though in a little bit different form that we expected. While we are social distancing, unable to enjoy Christmas markets and sometimes even our families, we should still try to make us the Christmas atmosphere at home —and which other home does our mind have than Roam? And while we will be doing that, we will also learn a little bit of CSS.

As always, remember, that all CSS in Roam belongs to [[roam/css]]. Create there a nice code block, make sure that its language is set to CSS (right…

And I like it!

A funny image representing the mess of my graph.
A funny image representing the mess of my graph.
Truthful representation of my graph in Roam, image by Wonderline

Roam is inviting. Roam is captivating. Once you give it a finger (other than the middle one), it will take your whole hand and lead you to into a fascinating rabbit hole. From basic simple steps of outlining, through understanding the key concept of unity between [[pages]] and #tags, to block referencing and embedding. Don’t be mistaken: That is just the beginning.

You will not be alone on this journey. There are many other pilgrims travelling with you that are willing to help and initiate you into the mysteries of #roamcult . There are also masters, on top of mountains…

* Almost ** Requires a little bit of CSS

Give your Roam a little bit of colors

If we compare Roam to its competitors like RemNote (or, god forbid, Notion), there is one thing that stands out: Roam distinctively lacks direct formatting. You can use bold text, cursive, s̶t̶r̶i̶k̶e̶t̶h̶r̶o̶u̶g̶h̶ and some other limited options but they first have to be rendered by the system. What do I mean by that? Look at these two short GIFs:

Pure CSS Way

Sometimes it may be difficult to find your way in a wall of bullets, based on an image by DarkmoonArt_de from Pixabay

One of the more confusing things in outliners is often to find where we are within the outline — in other words, the scope. There are different solutions for this, e.g., RemNote — one of the most interesting competitors of Roam — uses sticky headers.

This article is completely unnecessary — but still funny!

Logo of Roam in the quotation marks
Logo of Roam in the quotation marks
Blockquote — where are you?

Update: It took just a couple of hours after publishing this article and Cortex Futura to get native blockquotes in Roam!

Simply write> at the beginning of your block, write anything you want and here it is!

ARM struggle with an Happy End

Last update: 30th November 2020

I am not a great player of Minecraft but I have a responsibility! A couple of months ago, I bought myself a little beautiful device, Lenovo Chromebook Duet. And then I made “a mistake”: I persuaded my colleague that this would be a great device for her little son ca 9 years old. Of course, I thought, he could play tons of games there! After all, according to her, he played mainly games in a web-browser and she wanted a device he could use for programming in Scratch and some light future school work. I…

Better styling in Roam

person taking a picture of a large lake with fir trees and mountains on the opposite shore
person taking a picture of a large lake with fir trees and mountains on the opposite shore
Photo by Kimson Doan on Unsplash

Update 15th December 2020: ROAMEXT 1.x is now obsolete :). The functionality it provided has become native to Roam. However, read further if you want to see what you can do with block tags (just be careful that the nomenclature is a little bit different in the official implementation).

In this short article, I would like to share with you my little piece of code for Roam research called ROAMEXT (= Roam extended). It is a so-called JavaScript plugin that you can install in your graph. …

Destroy the anonymous wall of bullets!

Roam is great, yet often it lacks colours, formatting options and it really has a tendency to become this unpalatable, never-ending wall of anonymous bullets. Not great for the memory or perception, if you ask me! There are different ways how to deal with it. One of the ways is to format #tags with special colours, another is to add colours to highlights, and finally, you can even use LaTeX to bring life to your page titles.

We can also use emojis as some type of icons: they can be part of your [[page title]] or a hashtag and they…

Use it for interesting font creations, simple diagrams and fun

In this short article, I intend to look at one part of Roam that is usually overlooked by non-technical users: it comes under weirdly written name LaTeX. But don’t worry, this is nothing about tightly fitting sexy clothes and catsuits.

Meme comparing latex (material) and LaTeX (programming language)
Meme comparing latex (material) and LaTeX (programming language)
Know the difference! (Source for the upper right latex image — Zencat2006.)

As Wikipedia states, LaTeX (pronounced by Greek aficionados rightly as /ˈlɑːtɛx/) is “a document preparation system and markup language”. In other words, it allows you to write, e.g., your whole article in a text file and get as an output a professionally looking PDF prepared for printing. LaTeX is mainly popular among scientist because of its great support for typesetting…

And more magic with #tags

We made it together to the 4th lesson focusing on CSS for Roam and we still have so much to cover. And while programming JavaScript is rather a difficult task, CSS is a safe playground where anybody can experiment with almost non-existent danger to their precious treasure of ideas called the Roam graph. If this is your first story on CSS for Roam you read from me, please, check out the whole series.

On this little journey, we have already learnt so many things! We can select any element in CSS based on their type, class, ID or attribute, we…

Cato Minor

Just a humble Roaman duck.

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