Roam is deep. Not only I haven’t learnt all of its functions but even those that I have learnt, I forget! Fabrice Gallet asked me recently on Twitter, how I did the following colored blocks that are in my public graph. …

There are many pieces of software that look and feel similar to each other, like thousands of to-do list apps, Candy Crush copies and music players. They rarely have any personality or strong philosophy behind them. And that is nothing bad. …

Quid de me ipso in principio huius symbolae dicam? Nonne inter eos numerari debeam, qui Latine optime emendatissimeque scribere valeant, cum studiis linguae Latinae et in universitate bona fama praedita et in academia illa notissima, prope Romam nunc sita, operam dederim? Magis eo, quod etiam nunc manuscriptis sive chirographis media…

I have been using Roam since February 2020. It has changed completely, how I take notes, collect information, and even the way I write.

Yet, some features were quite badly implemented when I started, and they have not been improved since. Unfortunately, the more I put information into Roam, the more painful these imperfections are and the more disturbing they become for my workflow. …

Onyx Boox Max Lumi on the table with a wireless keyboard and mouse.
Working on some nightmares

Onyx Boox Max Lumi is currently probably the best and most expensive e-reader — or rather an e-ink tablet. Its specs are as impressive as its price that lies around $880:

  • Large 13.3-inch screen with warm and cold front lights
  • 4GB RAM
  • 64GB of the storage capacity
  • Octa-core processor (who…

Great battery life, distraction-free OS, and zero-latency stylus for a low and affordable price.

Forget the iPad, forget the Surface Duo or even reMarkable. This is the Tablet. The real and only original.

Opened Roman style wax tablet (diptych, reproduction). Green wax and metallic stylus
Source: My camera

Slim, Ecological and Personal Design

It is important to admit it: There are certain similarities in the design with last year's Surface Duo: Two slim screens that close like a book.

There is one great paradox in Roam: On one hand, there is so much thought put into its underlying structures. I am in love with its concept of pages being the same thing hashtags and pages equaling (almost) blocks. I am amazed by the ease of using square brackets to…

Finding the middle way or hubris?

I have an unstoppable tendency: When I hear a statement or an idea, I want to oppose them! Of course, I don’t oppose everything all the time. I would never be against the true Viennese Tafelspitz!

Despite being a contrarian, I would never oppose a good Tafelspitz! Source of the image: Christian Kadluba — (CC BY-SA 2.0)

However, come to me from the right-wing perspective of the need to support Israel…

And When Roam Community Is Accused of Being Unhealthy

I have never been a part of any community around a piece of software. Why should I be? This is not a normal experience for average users of Microsoft Word or Chrome. These programs are simply too big and we come to them as users too late. We might ask…

They go together quite nicely!

To buy a big e-reader is still prohibitively expensive. New cheaper 10 inch models still go for more than 400 Euro and 13 inch for 700 Euro and more. No wonder that when I was considering a substantial investment into a big e-reader for my academic work two years ago…

Cato Minor

Just a humble Roaman duck.

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